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The Luna Node Dynamic API enables you to write software to automate VM management. This page details how the API can be accessed. Visit the API tab to manage your API keys.


Each API token consists of an API ID and an API key. Both are needed for authentication of all API commands.

API actions consist of a category label, action label, and a set of parameters. For example, to start a VM, the category label is "vm", action label is "start", and a "vm_id" parameter must be set. See the full API action list.

API requests are made over HTTPS. Once the server completes processing of your request, it will return a JSON-encoded response.


Action list

Virtual machine

Category Action Required parameters Optional parameters
vm start vm_id None
vm stop vm_id None
vm reboot vm_id None
vm info vm_id None
vm delete vm_id None
vm setpassword vm_id, password None
vm reimage vm_id, image_id None
vm resize vm_id, plan_id None
vm rescue vm_id None
vm vnc vm_id None
vm floatingip-add vm_id ip (string unattached floating IP address on your account)
vm floatingip-delete vm_id keep ('yes' to keep floating IP on account; default 'no')
vm create hostname, plan_id, image_id prefer ('distinct' or 'same'), region (default 'toronto'), ip (a floating IP on your account)
vm list None }