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While our services are unmanaged, we provide managed support at $100.00/hour (billed in 15-minute increments, with one-hour minimum). Our experienced staff is able to assist in a diverse set of areas, including server software configuration and optimization (e.g. web/mail/DNS servers, control panels, game servers), penetration testing and security breanch investigation, distributed system setup (e.g. GlusterFS/MooseFS/CephFS, front-end web server redundancy, replicated mail server), and backup implementation and recovery.

You can open a managed ticket on the Support tab, by selecting the "Managed Support" category. After receiving your ticket, we will assess the complexity of your request and reply with a time estimate for the task; upon your confirmation, we will complete the request, and management time will be charged to your account credit.

We are also able to automatically intervene on your server if a service fails -- contact for more information.

Providing Access

For most kinds of managed support, we will need access to your server. The preferred way to do this is to add our SSH key to your authorized keys file, and let us know what user account to authenticate as:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC/YL5kEqOHxWmSAneuhEkD6eEgbXh5ivE2XGQJaKvfWkaZ8n3fkPe/Um54Oaa0isSXKzslEEIvataysrk7QUgfsHfrNd/CayQmy+6xRj8sZjN92gHlA27rhJX007lG9O6VAVXBOtnlqdxbCh/MJkZWhLgJ5suoeNx1DIeUXjE3yw8jYbLBdDDW/zr+ewxJ9nxEtdz3TRnxoRST889ZzImS6Mz/7OxnibWzALyP0LXqM4WBmipdB/eRx1dQnIaWGgN+NTMlf0FGQCFmAT/veS75d+ZO310QdCz1dmOuW07+ECCnkqEmGUecv9Eli0DIw5Qa6w+ggEvaPJTJDEREcZ3r lunanode@lunanode

Or simply:

curl >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Alternatively, you can provide your password via the ticket, but this is not recommended.