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The panel dashboard provides a quick overview of your current recurring fees, including virtual machines, volumes, images, virtual networks, etc. This also displays your current credit balance and the expected time that the balance will last (based on the recurring fees).

The Billing page (select Billing in the top right bar) shows your current account status and charges. From the Summary tab, you can deposit additional credit, see an overview of charges during the current month, and get a projection on your monthly spending. The History tab shows charges aggregated daily and organized by calendar month; you can also access receipts for your payments here. Invoices are generated monthly and accessible from the Invoices tab. Invoices detail the credit that was actually charged during each month; for most customers, the transaction receipts from the History tab are more useful.

If your credit is running low, you can deposit credit. Simply select an amount and a payment method (credit card, Paypal, or Bitcoin; Interac e-transfers are also accepted for Canadian customers); then hit "Select Payment options", and click the payment button that will display.

If you have any billing questions, please contact us via email (!