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Shelving allows you to deactivate a temporarily unneeded virtual machine so that you only pay for the storage space and assigned IP addresses.

To shelve a virtual machine, simply press the Shelve button on the virtual machine details page (you can also use the vm.shelve action from the API). If the instance is not volume-backed, then the shelving process will take some time to complete, as your VM's disk needs to be snapshotted; the time varies for different VM plans, and also depends on how much data you have on the VM.

When you need to reactivate the VM, press Unshelve.

The plan price will not be charged for shelved VMs. Instead, you will be billed for:

  • Storage: $0.03/GB/mo (accounted hourly at $0.00004167/GB/hr)
  • IP addresses: $1/IP/mo (accounted hourly at $0.001389/IP/hr)